Preparing for a first date is sometimes no less stressful than an upcoming exam or a presentation for the boss. To make a rendezvous with a new partner pleasant and not overshadowed by unnecessary embarrassments, it is worth taking note of the list of topics that are better not to discuss on a date.

1. Do You Want to Start a Family?

On the first date, it is better not to talk about marriage and children at all. The topic is dangerous because it begins to guide the scenario of the evening, makes you fantasize in a strictly defined direction and build illusions, instead of just communicating.

It is better to ask: “How do you imagine yourself in 10 years?” This question is not so obvious, and it will help to reveal a person deeper and wider, at the same time, you will learn about their dreams, ambitions, and, perhaps, the desire for stronger ties. Perhaps exactly with you.

2. Why did You Break Up With Your Previous Partner?

It looks like an interrogation. In general, the topic of exes is a violation of personal boundaries, asking such questions, you create a strong sense of insecurity in the interlocutor. So it is best to avoid deliberately digging into their past. Just be patient, you will soon find out.

3. When will We See Each Other Again?

On the one hand, this question signals to a potential partner that there is a chemistry. But on the other hand, it deprives the moment of the first meeting of the charm, making the partner start planning something. This is just the case when it is better to ask directly, for example: “Listen, next Saturday I’m going to see a concert (show, performance…). Do you want to come with me?”

4. How Much do You Earn?

On a first date, it’s better not to talk about money. Of course, it is important to understand whether a person is satisfied with their life in general and their work in particular. But here you need to be careful. The topic of personal income is quite sensitive and makes the interlocutor feel as if under an x-ray. It is better to ask more generally: “Do you like your job?” If you listen carefully to the answer, you will hear something about income.

5. Have You Ever Cheated on Your Exes?

Betrayal, infidelity — this is an emotionally tough topic, it can not be reduced to a trivial answer “Yes” or “No.” The question is too bold and can remind of unpleasant situations from the past, and all these negative feelings will now be associated with you. It is better to ask: “What do you dislike most in a relationship?” Besides, this is a more convenient question if you want to understand what aspects a person considers fundamental in a relationship.

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