Relationship psychology is something that interests almost every married couple. A man and a woman are so different that sometimes it seems as if they are from different planets. At the same time, upon closer examination, it turns out that there are a lot of similarities between the sexes.

Anyone interested in maintaining a shaky or regularly problematic relationship will sooner or later start looking for books on relationship psychology. Below are presented books that can help you find answers to your questions, establish your relationship.

1. “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man” Steve Harvey

The answers to the main questions are given by an internationally recognized author. He easily tells women about men. In some places, this book about the psychology of relationships is funny, and in some places, the unusual presentation of the material, on the contrary, will make you think seriously.

The author managed to very truthfully reveal many aspects of male psychology. There is not just a lot of useful information, but also recommendations that will help you completely change your life. “The book that saves relationships” is what this bestseller is called on the Internet. 

2. “The Paradox of Passion: She Loves Him, But He Doesn’t” K. Phillips and Dean K. Delis 

The problem with romantic relationships is often that when one partner loves more and more, the other’s feelings fade away. This is the paradox of passion, a psychological phenomenon that occurs every time the balance in a relationship is disturbed.

Authors explain in their book what problems disharmony creates in relationships and how to solve them. These recommendations will help you avoid the paradox of passion — a situation where one partner loves and the other allows to love. With this book, you will be able to check whether there is a paradox of passion in your relationship, find a new balance in the relationship, return the romance and passion and create a long-term union.

“Not being afraid of breaking up is a good way to save a relationship.”

3. “The Art of Loving” Erich Fromm 

This is one of Erich Fromm’s most famous works. It is dedicated to the difficult psychological aspects of the emergence and preservation of such an important feeling as love.

For most people, the problem of love is primarily a problem of how to be loved, not how to love in turn.

Erich Fromm draws attention to the fact that love is an abstraction, and “in reality, there is only an act of love,” love is not a thing, but a process, an action, an act. 

“We love what we work on, and we work on what we love.”

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