When planning to shop, make a list so you will know how many bags and jars you will need. We recommend:
  • paper or plastic bags for dry foods like grains
  • jars with lids for honey, tamari, peanut butter, etc..
  • watertight plastic bags or containers for tofu
  • something to take your purchase home in

Shopping at the Co-op is very simple:
  1. Baskets located at the door are provided to hold your purchases, use as many as you need. Please do not place items on the counter until you are ready to check out.
  2. Before filling empty containers, record their weights using the front counter scale.
  3. All shoppers record the W or Working Member price from the label of each bulk item selected. If the item has only one price listed, that is the Working Member price.
  4. To qualify for discounts, you must present your membership card. Cards and shopping privileges are not transferable to other persons. At the register, inform the cashier of your membership status.
  5. Place items on the counter, produce items will be rung up last.
  6. Bagging your purchases is up to you. We have some donated bags at the counter, but encourage your to bring your own.

Ask if you need assistance. Since our staff have many duties other than clerking, they are often not standing at the counter. If they're out of eyesight, use the bell at the register or come to the back of the store.