These are Member Benefits:

  • Automatic store discount
  • Franklin Mint Credit Union membership enrollment
  • Support of local organic farmers and associated cooperatives
  • Member only events and special discounts for other scheduled events
  • Member newsletter
  • Free classified ads in the newsletter
  • Participation in a health-conscious community and environment
  • Exclusive member discounts
  • Opportunities to serve on the Board and various other committees
  • Meet new and interesting people
  • Ongoing membership incentive program
  • Member appreciation days

    How to join:

    If you shop frequently, you may wish to join the Co-op - membership is open to everyone. The member discount can pay for your cost to join if you spend $20 per week. Volunteer work for the cooperative is optional - working members volunteer 4 hours per month for a deeper discount.

    When you join:

    When you join the Co-op, you will receive a member card entitling you to member benefits through the end of the current year and a complimentary first month of shopping at the working member rate. To continue as a working member in your second month, you must complete four hours of work during this first month. You will also receive information about Co-op policies and member benefits.

  • Joining the Co-op involves two payments:
    1. A one-time Share Fee($10). Fees(but not dues) are refundable upon written request when leaving the cooperative. Member fees are our capital, we have no investors or owners other than our members.
    2. Annual Dues (singles $50, Family $55).First year dues are pro-rated quarterly (charged only for the rest of that year). All members renew by paying the annual dues each January. This money is used for operating expenses.

    Senior citizens(over 65) and students get a $10 discount on dues. Please bring current ID when joining to receive these discounts.